Visiting Li-shan Senior High School



Miss Yuan’s Bermuda Triangle

Miss Yuan is a sweet and diligent teacher.  I feel interesting and joyful when I become the audience in her class. She inspires students’ interest in English when she uses film, conversation and questions in the class. All her students seem to be very interested and happy in the class. She creates a relaxed and happy atmosphere for students. At the same time, all students participate in the class and enjoy speaking and listening English with the teacher. Miss Yuan is teaching the lesson “Bermuda Triangle”, and her teaching tools include film, handout, ppt, and intercoms. At first, she asks students why Bermuda triangle is a mysterious place. Besides this place, can they think about the other mysterious places? She introduces some related background about triangle and uses some new vocabularies to construct students’ knowledge. The students all take part in her class and answer the questions. Meanwhile, she corrects students’ mistakes and inspires them to talk and answer the questions. After explaining some relevant vocabulary and history about Bermuda Triangle, she broadcasts the film for students. I think all students like this film so much; they pay attention to the film quietly. After watching, Miss Yuan prepares a handout for students. And the role play involves two students, one acts as a plane captain, the other is a controlling man. At the same time, she teaches new knowledge and new wording about plane for students. I think she is a hard-working teacher who really prepares much in the class and her teaching method really induces students attention.


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Visiting a junior high school teacher

Teacher’s background

The person that I interviewed is a teacher in Hsinpu Junior high school. His name is Chen, Ho-jen. He has abundant experiences of teaching including: the direct teacher of the national website design, the direct teacher of “Oh” children English opera troupe in Tamshui elementary school, the IEP teacher of individual education in Wenhua Elementary school , and now he becomes a new teacher in Hsinpu Junior high school . Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic teacher who cares about the students and inspires his students in many ways not only in their studies but in their daily life. 

Teacher’s teaching beliefs

1.      He was born in a warm family. His parents are open-minded and kind. Therefore, he becomes an optimistic, outgoing and helpful person due to good upbringing. Therefore, he hopes his “children” can be optimistic, active and accommodating, too.

a.      Take serious of what children say and respect for every child.

b.     Appreciate every child and supply a stage for them to improve their confidence.

c.      Apply vivid atmosphere of teaching environment to raise children’s learning motives and interests.

d.     A good teacher needs to establish good relationships with children’s parents and become a good partner with them in order to work for the welfare of children together

 Difficulties in teaching

Vivian: May you talk about the difficulties you meet when you teach?

Chen: The difference between students’ level make me feel frustrated. It is not easy to estimate their progress at first. Some of the students are smart and intelligent, but some of them progress in a slow speed. Therefore, I need to communicate with their parents very often to let them understand their children’s situation and help the students who progress slow can keep up with the others.

And I believe that teachers’ verbal and nonverbal behavior influences student behaviors very much.  Furthermore, I often encourage those students and developing their interest and motive about English. Teaching is a reciprocal activity, our actions and reactions influence our students and their actions and reactions influence the teacher.


Teacher’s teaching style

I believe that “teacher centered” is very important. I will control the whole class and set rules for them to let them know that they are protected and guided. Besides, I will create a cheerful atmosphere for them and provide a stage to let them perform according to their creativity and talents and let them cooperate with each other and practice their English at the same time.

Vivian: Do you meet any students who are disobedient or naughty in the class? How do you deal with this situation?

Teacher Chen: In my opinion, first, you should try to find out the reason why they disobey the rules. We can’t solve a problem without knowing the reason.
I would neglect their naughty behaviors at beginning and if it is useless I will use “token economy.” Moreover, I will apply the power of the whole class to let the student obey the discipline. If any method is useless, then I will apply “punishment.” For me, “punishment” is the last choice.

Once this done, you would know how to react. To give a swift at the back or to react in another way are all useful ways of reacting to your students’ misbehaviour. And all depends on the situation you are in. Make rules the first time you go to class. If some one breaks them, you should punish him/her immediately. In this way, your students know what is expected from them. Try not to give your students’ a dead time. That’s to say, make them always busy doing something. In this way they will be concentrated in doing what they are required to do, and always reward them for their effort. Give them a purpose for what they are doing. For example, you can’t work for free. If somebody asks you to do a work for him/her, you will ask to be paid. That’s the same with your students. Their reward will be something that makes them motivated in doing the task they are asked to do.
I will use the break time to ask them and talk with them. And the last strategy is to discuss with the parents if the above is not working. I hope parents and teacher can work together to assist naughty children or disobedient students.

Most trouble makers are so because they want to prove something to others. Try to make profit of this and make them the center of interest. Involve them as much as possible in classroom activities and ask them to do things that make them important in the eyes of their classmates. Ask them to clean the board and write the date for example. If you face any problem with your students, just go back to the years when you were a student yourself and you will find somehow a solution to that problem. I think that you’ve noticed that some students are eager to learn in math for example and don’t like English. What makes them so? For me, a teacher is just a student him/herself; given exams each moment s/he doing his/her job and should be always prepared, for failure is not tolerated.

Class management

In teaching method:

I will apply the system of “teacher- assistant” to let some students become the teacher-assistant to assist their classmates. And students need to cooperate with each other and learn together.

In class management:

I will use some prize and use the token economy to encourage students when they behave well or improve a lot. A clear plan and philosophy about classroom management is essential.




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What strategies will you use to make your teaching more effective and meaningful?

First, I would remember all students’ Englsih name  and  become freinds with them.

Then I would like to create a relexed atmosphere and good environment . Usually most of the students feel shy when they start speaking English. However, when they are encouraged they may become more confident and interested in it.  

Moreover, I will add some materials not from the textbook but from the magzines, news, or English songs according to their interests. I think it may appeal students’ attention and promote their knowledge in other way.

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About myselfMarch

I am vivian and a optimistic girl.

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Which of these approaches do you hope will have more influence on your teaching in future?

I prefer cognitive approach. I think atmosphere is very important. I would like to create cheerful and relexed atmosphere for students in order to let them enjoy reading, speaking and wrting English. Besides, I think communication ability is significant,too. The role of teacher could be a counselor to assist students and support them. and peer support and interaction are of vital importance.

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